Kate Reynolds - Australian voice actor

Sydney voice actor | Australian accent | Female voice acting

Looking for an Australian female voice over?

Oh hi there! Thanks for popping by.

I'm Kate, and I'm a fun-loving mid-twenties girl who can bring the HYPE!

Or I'm a worried mum of three who just wants to know her kids are safe.

I'm also caring, warm narration that guides listeners on a journey.

And I'm a welcoming voice that reassures your customers when you can't get to the phone.

I've got more than a decade's experience working in radio as a copywriter, announcer and voice actor.

I'm also an experienced actor - I've performed in musicals around Australia, and am trained in improvisation.

So if you need a professional, versatile female voice actor with an Australian accent to bring your project to life, then let's talk - I do it for a living!

Check out my work below.