Kate Reynolds - Australian voice actor

Australian voice actor | Australian accent | Female voice acting

Looking for an Australian female voice over?

Oh hi there! 

I'm Kate, one of the top Australia voice actors on Fiverr. I've been featured in Yahoo Finance, The Sydney Morning Herald, 9Honey and News.com.au because of my voice acting.

I've worked with clients across retail and real estate to education and government, DIY nails to food delivery boxes,  voicing podcast intros, TV ads, social media reels, business IVR and phone messages and e-learning lessons.


 Because I'm a fun-loving mid-twenties girl who can bring the HYPE!

Or I'm a worried mum of three who just wants to know her kids are safe.

I'm also caring, warm narration that guides listeners on a journey.

And I'm a welcoming voice that reassures your customers when you can't get to the phone.

I've got more than a decade's experience working in radio as a copywriter, announcer and voice actor.

I'm also an experienced actor - I've performed in musicals around Australia, and am trained in improvisation.

So if you need a professional, versatile female voice actor with an Australian accent to bring your project to life, then let's talk - I do it for a living!

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Or send me an email to see how we can work together.

Let's talk - I do it for a living.